New law accepts NRA course for concealed carry permit

UPDATE: Senate Bill 67 passed both houses of the General Assembly and was signed by the Governor on March 23. This bill amended K.R.S. 237.110.


With this year’s session of the General Assembly underway, we have our first proposed bill of the year affecting concealed carry. Senate Bill 67 would allow training courses offered by the National Rifle Association to count toward the class/training requirement for a concealed carry permit, as outlined in K.R.S. 237.110.

SB 67 is sponsored by Senators C.B. Embry, Jr. (R-Morgantown), Max Wise (R-Campbellsville) and Ray S. Jones II (D-Pikeville).

KC3 is reviewing the proposed changes and expects to announce a position on the bill soon.

Updated: April 5, 2015 — 2:16 pm


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  1. My concern is that it would impact reciprocity.

    1. That has also been brought up by board members and is certainly one of the issues we hope to find out more about.

  2. The current law governing instructor certification is unconstitutional and subject to immediate court challenge. This bill will cure that constitutional defect, preventing the state from wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars on litigation.

    This will not impact reciprocity. Other bills regarding lowering the age requirement for a CCDW License to 18 for military members will impact reciprocity.

    KC3 should strongly support this bill. There is no principled way to stand up for gun rights and oppose a bill like this; the only opposition I have heard is from financially-motivated trainers licensed under the current regime.

  3. The current CCDW regulations were enacted after certain abuses and at the time it was decided that the DOJ. Would be the governing body for CCDW training. As I recall the NRA basic pistol course was rejected as there was no way to ensure that all applicants received appropriate training. The NRA basic pistol is not a self defense course and in any case is currently undergoing changes to make it wholly or partially an on line course. The PPITH is a defense course but primarily based on a home invasion scenario. I suppose it would depend on what level of NRA course they are considering. As instructors ,and in my case trainers ,we need to be sure that the students we train are competent and aware of the legal pitfalls whilst using deadly force in Kentucky. The NRA course would not do that. Whilst I am prepared to look at the proposals I am sceptical at they would be an improvement.

  4. Do the NRA courses cover the peculiar legal requirements of Ky?

    1. To our knowledge, they do not. That is one concern KC3 had with the change in the law.

      1. I feel it would be pertinent the NRA course be geared for each state it is offered. The rundown of the state statutes in the CCDW course is a good thing, even thought quite boring. BTW, I’m not a member but support the KC3 stand on all issues i have explored thus far. Keep up the good work!

        1. Thanks for the kind words. We tried to persuade the General Assembly that including information specific to Kentucky law would be best, but were not able to get it in the bill. We will try again to get that requirement added.

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