Frequently Asked Questions about Ky. Gun Laws

  1. Concealed Carry Law: KRS 237.110 and KRS 237.115  and
  2. Total statewide preemption of local laws: KRS 65.870
  3. No guns in schools/Guns in cars on school property: KRS 527.070
  4. No Loaded Guns in room where alcohol is sold (Bars): KRS 244.125
  5. Forfeiture of firearm for violation of law: KRS 527.060
  6. Right of Ky. residents and out-of-staters to purchase firearms: KRS 237.020
  7. Use of restricted ammunition during a crime: KRS 527.080
  8. Right of employees and others to possess firearms in vehicles: KRS 237.106
  9. Definitions used in Ky. Statues Chapter 237(gun laws): KRS 237.060
  10. Definitions used in Ky. Statues Chapter 527(gun laws): KRS 527.010
  11. Prohibition on selling or transferring a firearm to convicted felon: KRS 237.070
  12. Requirement for Chief Law enforcement Officer to sign for NFA weapons: KRS 237.075
  13. Persons barred by federal law from from possessing firearms: KRS 237.095
  14. Limiting, restricting, impairing of Concealed Carry license only in accordance with state law:  KRS 237.102
  15. Right to acquire, carry and use deadly weapons shall not be impaired, seizuers prohibited: KRS 237.104
  16. Fraudulent firearms transactions: KRS 527.090
  17. Possession of handgun by a minor: KRS 527.100
  18. Unlawfully providing or permitting possession of a handgun by a minor. KRS 527.110
  19. Carrying a Concealed  Deadly Weapon(illegally): KRS 527.020
  20. Defacing a Firearm: KRS 527.030
  22. Possession of defaced firearm: KRS 527.050
Updated: May 29, 2017 — 9:16 pm

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