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KC3 History

In 1995, a dedicated group of people came together with one goal. Their goal was to convince the Ky. General Assembly to permit the carrying of concealed weapons in Ky.  In order to attain this goal,  the Ky. Coalition to  Carry Concealed was created. That organization is often referred to as KC3. In 1996, the General Assembly passed House Bill 40 which authorized the issuance of licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons by law abiding citizens of Ky. for the first time in over a century. The goal had been attained and many of those people left the organization.

Over the years, the organization has gone through many changes.The name was changed to Ky. Concealed Carry Coalition to reflect a new more diversified mission but still retain the old, familiar KC3 acronym. KC3 continues to advocate for the rights of all law-abiding Kentuckians to own possess and carry firearms in accordance with all laws and works to see less restrictive gun laws adopted.


KC3 Mission

Ky. Concealed Carry Coalition will work to advance the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Ky.  and advocate for lawful ownership and carrying of firearms by the residents of the Commonwealth,  educate our members and others on the gun laws of the Commonwealth and insure that the citizens of Ky. are not deprived of their rights under the Ky. or Federal Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth of KY.    

Notices & Events


KC3 Continues the Fight Against Preemption violations

KC3 Continues the Fight Against Preemption violations

If you would like to become part of the fight to protect gun rights in Ky., download the application by clicking below.  Print the application, fill it out and mail to the address on the app.

            KC3 APPLICATION

KC3 Continues the Fight Against Preemption violations

KC3 Continues the Fight Against Preemption violations

KC3 Continues the Fight Against Preemption violations

KC 3 continues to fight local governments that fail to follow Ky. state law about firearms. We have confronted dozens of local governments and convinced them to change their ordinances, policies and rules to conform to state law. KC3 has sued those local governments that refused to obey the law. KC3 currently has a lawsuit active in the courts against  the City of Pikeville. KC3 now has a 18-0 record in court actions. If you know of any local government or government agency that has illegal policies or rules about guns, get in touch with KC3 and we will look into it and fight your local government so you won't have to.

KY GUNSHOWS 2019-2020

KY GUNSHOWS 2019-2020

KY GUNSHOWS 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions

KY GUNSHOWS 2019-2020

KY GUNSHOWS 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where can I find the new “constitutional carry” law?
       A.  1. KRS 237.109

             2. KRS 527.020
Q. What is the law on keeping a gun in my car?

       A. 1. KRS 237.106

            2. KRS 527.020(4) and again in Sub-Section(8) of the same statute

Q. Can I carry a gun on school property(K-12)?

         A.    KRS 527.070 

Q. Can I carry a gun in a bar?

         A.    KRS 244.125
Q. Can I carry a concealed weapon  into a restaurant that sells alcohol?

         A.    KRS 237.110(16)(e)

Q. Can I carry on a college or University Campus?

        A.     KRS 237.115 (1)

Q.  Can the government confiscate guns or ban carry of guns during a declared emergency or natural disaster?

        A.    KRS 237.104 

Q. Does a person have to be 21 years or older to possess a handgun?

        A.   KRS 527.100

Q. Can an adult that is also a student at a K-12 school keep a gun in his car? 

         A.   KRS  527.070 (3) (a)

Q.  When is a gun considered “loaded”?

          A.   KRS 237.060(4) ute.aspx?id=11123

Q. Can the  County Sheriff or Chief of Police suspend or revoke my concealed carry license?

          A.   KRS 237.102

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Your support and contributions do more than help us fight for your rights in Frankfort during the legislative session. KC3 also leads and funds efforts to make rogue city and local governments respect the law—and your rights.

Thank you for being a true friend of freedom.

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